Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Post Office Miracles

So there I was this morning at the United States Post Office mailing some sold books to the people soon to be involved in the read of their lives.  But I digress.  The postage label for which I had already paid $4.95 on my credit card got stuck in the machine.  Forget that I had parked in the 10 Minute Customer Only Or We Will Heartlessly Tow You Away space at the nearby 7/11 convenience market and was now sweating cheap hot dogs for fear the old Jeep would really get towed away this time.  Forget all that.  I had already paid for the postage now stuck in the whirring gears of the automated do it yourself mailing kiosk thing.  And then it happened.  The first of the morning's and possibly the life's United States Post Office miracles.  The machine spoke to me!  No, not in a voice I or anyone else could hear but in a printed message on the screen of the machine.
"An error," the screen printed, "has occurred.  We will print you a smaller postage label."
And there it came like rain to a drought stricken desert.  The smaller postage label for the exact amount charged to my credit card.
That would have been enough to tide me over until the arrival of, well, some special agnostically unnamed being.  But things didn't stop there.
I stopped to get the weekly delivery of junk mail out of the post office box so my arms were full of stuff I didn't have time to put in the newly installed Postal Service recycling containers.  Remember that I was hurrying back to the 7/11 before the impound people got to the old Jeep.  Seeing my arms full of junk predicament, a woman went through the heavy door and then held it open for me.  Perhaps she was racing against the impound people, too, because she didn't notice that a man with arms full of stuff to mail was trying to get through the door.  So I made room in my junk to grab the door and hold it open for him just as the woman noticed what was going on.  She stopped and came back to me.
"Isn't this wonderful?" she asked and exclaimed and bubbled.  "I held the door open for you and then you held it open for him.  You thanked me and he thanked you so now I just feel the need to thank you to make this circle of kindness complete."  Whereupon she laid a hand on my shoulder and said, "Don't you think that life should be like this all the time?"
Whereupon she turned and disappeared around the corner.  I had no time to answer her question.  On second thought, maybe it was more of a prayer than a question.
Anyway, two Post Office miracles in one morning.
I'm good.

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