Monday, July 9, 2012

Amelia's Real Last Landing

The Lockheed hit the sand, water and surf more smoothly than she had hoped. Almost a perfect landing if tearing off the wheels on initial impact and spinning around several times because a wing got caught in the sand can be called perfect. But perfect it was until the spinning stopped and somehow the door flew open and water started rushing in all before she saw the boulder in front of her and slammed into it with more speed than she thought she had maintained. Later she would remember feeling certain, seconds before the impact, that they had come to a complete stop. Clearly they had not.
In the middle of it all she thought, “So this is what a crash feels like,” and then decided to never under any circumstances call this a crash because she was about to walk away from it and that is called in any pilot’s book a good landing.
She would not walk away from this unbelievably successful landing, though, before calling out to him, “Wake up. Get out.”
No sound. Nothing. She climbed toward the back of the fuselage over the fuel tanks and pipes to unbuckle him and try to pull him toward the door. The fuselage was filling with water. 

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