Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Someone Went to a Lot of Trouble

Three or four months ago, I set off on a long walk with the Family Basset Hound.  I took along my keys and a couple of plastic bags and we had a great walk.  Later in the day, I looked for my keys and could not find them anywhere.  The Other Family Human and I retraced my steps, and we also looked high and low in the house, but they were nowhere to be found.  I replaced everything on the keychain, including the security token from my work, the mailbox key from my father's assisted living facility, and all the others.

Today, after a longish hospital stay, I was going through the mail that had arrived while I was gone.  I came across a letter from Ralphs Grocery, letting me know that they had a set of keys that belonged to me.  They had received them because there was a Ralphs card key tag attached to the ring.  After a conversation with a nice lady named Margie, we agreed that she would send the keys to my local Ralphs store, where I would pick them up. 

I gave the matter some thought.  I must have dropped the keys during that walk, and someone, at some time, found them.  They had to take enough time to figure out that Ralphs would have my information, and enough trouble to bring them to a Ralphs store.  That's a lot to do for a stranger who lost a set of keys.  I hope I would take the trouble to do the same.


Susan F said...

Yes, people can be wonderful. When my daughter was in college, thousands of miles away, I got a middle of the night call. The cell id was from my daughter, so I answered quickly. It was not my daughter, but a nice young woman who had found her cell phone in a park. She didn't know how to track down my daughter, so she just dialed "mom." I contacted my daughter at work. The two young women met, exchanged the phone and some flowers, and all was well.

Susan F said...
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