Thursday, July 12, 2012

Just Get Over Yourselves And Pee

Here in the LaLa Land of Southern California where space is still plentiful we feel strongly about having separate public bathrooms for men and women.  Okay, I get it that at Dodger Stadium of the Staples Center where half the thousands of people attending those events are so drunk they can barely find the pot let alone one to piss in it's probably important to separate the genders if not the species.  But come on.  Must the Starbucks' crowded into the Bank of America alcove require two separate bathrooms?  I think not.
Recently I attended an event at a small theater.  The house manager, when a female patron asked the location of the restrooms, replied 'down the hall and pay no attention to the signs they are both the same use either'.  Whereupon the woman left to use either bathroom as instructed.  I was right behind her responding to the same need.  However, since she was in front of me and the women's bathroom was occupied, she went, as instructed, into the men's.  The hub bub that followed was fascinating as people lined up in back of me muttering that a woman had gone into the men's bathroom. And when she came out, oh the glares she got.  And then imagine the horror when I went into the same bathroom right behind her.
Okay.  Let's get over ourselves and follow the example of New York City.  Space is precious.  Label the doors 'bathroom' and be done with it.

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