Monday, March 19, 2018

Day 5-The Snow Is Beginning To Melt

During winter East Coast streets get narrower and parking spaces fewer.  No, I'm not talking about global shrinking.  It's just that plowed snow has to go someplace.  Parking lots still have small mountains of snow in many places and streets are still just a little hard to navigate because of the snow plowed to the sides of the roads.  The days, though, are getting a little warmer and soon the snow will melt.  This despite the fact that forecasts indicate we are due for one more storm which may or may not happen.  I feel a sadness with each change of season.  I will miss the snow and then I'll miss the hot, muggy days of summer and then I'll miss fall and its vibrant colors and then the snow will come again and I'll miss that when it's gone.  Seasons mark time's passage and remind me that I have more seasons behind me than ahead of me.  Having spent decades living in a season less place, I believe it is crucial to mark time's passage.  Without that marking we begin to believe we really are immortal.  Of course, we aren't but we like at times to pretend.  Seasons take away that pretense and remind us that our days are, indeed, limited.  If I really get it that my seasons are finite perhaps I will reclaim kindness and compassion and, yes, empathy.  The season for that reclamation is now.

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