Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Day 7 - It's Not Quite The Storm We Expected

It is, nevertheless, a storm.  It's been snowing on and off all day and now as darkness begins to descend the snow is falling with greater intensity.  It's all good.  I try to walk at least a mile every day.  Yesterday when I walked I was stunned by the cold.  Today I delighted in the sleet hitting my face.  I wore my hat with my coat's hood pulled up over it.  I covered my mouth with my scarf and zipped up my coat.  My glasses fogged over so I had to lower them to see and I was mesmerized by the ice forming on my scarf.  These are the seasons of my life and I cherish them all.  We are supposed to get about a foot of snow tonight.  We'll see.  Maybe we will and maybe we won't.  It really doesn't matter to me.  I work from home and the traffic is rarely heavy as I walk to my second floor office.  At my desk I will spend a few moments looking out the window at our ancient locust tree and our grove of sassafras trees and winter's last snow still clinging to the ground.


Anonymous said...

I loved this one Mary but then I love them all. I still do my two miles every day and while I don't have to contend with sleet or have the pleasure of watching ice form on my scarf, there is this one sneaky little patch of ice that has fooled me multiple times, multiple years. Whiz bang and I'm on my bottom! I will think of you Mary and your seasons from my icy little patch next time but I will also think of you as I pass the budding trees and the peafowl chicks.

I bet you don't come up behind a Rolls Royce very often on your morning commute or was it a Mazeratti?

Mary Walker Baron said...

It was a Rolls Royce and it's true. Walking up the stairs I don't see many cars of any kind and not much traffic at all unless, of course, Bradford is sleeping on one of the steps.