Friday, March 23, 2018

Day 9 - Come To Find Out It Was The Storm We Expected

We awakened Thursday morning to at least a foot of snow.  All Wednesday night the snow fell.  We lost several big tree branches from the weight of the snow and briefly during the night we lost electricity. I sat in the living room drinking my coffee and gazing out at what truly had become a winter wonderland.  There is nothing as quiet as a lot of snow on the ground.  Our driveway was impassable and our street wasn't much better though later that morning the snow plows did clear the street.  In the early afternoon our snow removable crew arrived and cleared our driveway.  There is something magical about deep snow as long, of course, as you are inside a warm house looking outside at the beauty.  Already the snow is melting.  This may be it for winter.  It's always a comfort, though, to see the snow plows out.  When I lived in Southern California during brush fire season it was also a comfort seeing firetrucks headed toward the blaze.  Those plows and trucks remind us that help might very well be on the way.

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