Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Day 6-And The Snow Is Back

Indications are that the predicted big snow storm is happening.  So much for my good bye to winter.  Winter is giving me one more chance to enjoy the cold and the snow.  And I'm loving it.  Years ago I discovered that saying goodbye is often a pointless endeavor.  Someone I cared about was moving from the area.  I was devastated.  I felt I couldn't go on after I said my final farewell.  And then the friend called asking me to bring some forgotten possession to the airport.  So I did and when I left the friend I barely bothered to say goodbye because I'd already run the gamut of the farewell emotions.  Goodbye can be a really hard thing to do but once I realized that all relationships end in separation the goodbyes became a bit easier.  Joan Baez is in the middle of her fare well tours.  She says she's hanging up her concert tour days.  She's seventy seven years old so I guess I can't fault her the decision.  Her voice is lower and she says it takes too much energy to be able to sing at all.  So she's touring the world saying goodbye.  I was able to get tickets to her New York City goodbye.  I set up an alert to let me know when the tickets went on sale and then I bought them.  I never ended the alert so now I know when all of her goodbye tickets go on sale.  She has booked goodbye concerts through the year 2019.  I guess even legends have a tough time with goodbye.

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