Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Curse and the Blessing

For the first time in four days after her partner of twenty years said, "I don't," she didn't cry when she woke to find herself alone in the big brass bed.  "It's strange," she reported through a text message, "I somehow feel lighter."   After staring at my phone and then erasing three attempts at a response, I finally settled on, "That's nice."   It was her next text that made me laugh for the first time since hearing the news, "Hey,"  she wrote, "I can get a cat now." 


MaryWalkerBaron said...

Unfortunately, couples require both people. The relationship can't just work for one. So, while your friend's world has shifted and her universe has by necessity realigned itself, there must be a certain 'lighter-ness' now because there can be the beginning of a movement toward realignment.
And, how terrible to find that her marriage was not what she believed it to be.
Finding out that degree of dishonesty can be shattering. I'm glad she is thinking of getting a cat. That's progress.

Marnie said...

No truer friend can you find than a cat! Just pet them and they reward you with a "purr". It's satifying to know you've made a little thing like a cat a happy cat.

It's lucky to find out about the dishonesty now to save the onset of insanity.