Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Testing, Testing

It was that time again. I received a Driver's License Renewal Notice from DMV requiring me to take a written exam. I promptly obtained the "California Handbook". I read through it page by page using it as a refresher course. I felt smug when I got behind the wheel knowing all the rules of the road once again. "So", I thought to myself, "How many drivers follow the rules?" Not that I was surprised, but most drivers don't obey traffic rules as they are written in the Handbook. The freeway onramps are for vehicles to accelerate to freeway speed - not for stopping. Stop signs are for complete stops (tires not moving) - not for slowing and proceeding depending upon traffic. The #1 lane is for vehicles going freeway speed - not for slower vehicles. It's not a game of dodge ball with pedestrians. Sirens are sounded for traffic to pull over to the right - not for trying to outrun emergency vehicles.

With all this (and more) in mind, I took and passed the written exam. Through all this, my testing reaffirmed that good drivers will remain good and bad drivers will never change.

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MaryWalkerBaron said...

Congratulations on passing what I find to be a most exhausting test.