Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Won't Argue

I looked at the bill for my land line telephone. It's always about the same amount and I always feel irritated by the amount because I don't use it all that much. Yesterday I called my phone company and actually spoke to a living person.
"This bill seems too high," I said to her.
"It sure does, doesn't it?" she responded.
"Is there anyway I can pay less a month for the same service?"
"Sure is," she enthusiastically replied. "How about we cut that bill in half?"
"Each month?"
"Sure thing!"
And so she did. It was that easy. I added nothing to my service and nothing was removed. The only change is that my bill will be half of what I've been paying for well over a year.
Now here's my question.
If I had been paying the fair price to begin with, why would it be so easy to lower the bill? The woman with whom I spoke seemed quite thrilled that I had finally come to my senses and asked for a lower monthly fee.
Mind you, I'm not going to argue but this strikes me as just a little odd.
While I ponder this, you might pick up the phone and ask your phone person for free service. You never know.


Anonymous said...

I did relatively the same thing. I got wise when a friend of mine thought what I was paying for phone service was too much. I likewise called the phone company only to lower my monthly bill with additional services. Yes - right - a lower price for same services with additional services. The phone company does not tell you you're paying too much - it's up to you to keep track of their new prices. Not fair - but it would pay to check your bills every so often so you can take advantage of the lower rates.

Arava said...

You know I call verizon every other month and they are always able (with 5 phones) to adjust something to lower the bill. However, it just doesn't seem right that you have to call...but you do.