Saturday, December 27, 2008

Still King of the Road

On January 1, in California, it will become illegal to receive, read, compose, or send a text message on your cell phone while driving your vehicle.
I'm not going to repeat that but I suggest you reread it right now. I'll wait for you.
Common sense is no longer common. This law proves it. Therefore, we need to enact and enforce thousands of other laws that would seem on paper to be as absurd as the law against texting while driving.
Here are a few laws that should be immediately approved for enforcement.
1. No longer is it legal to give yourself a manicure while driving a vehicle.
2. No longer is it legal to turn around to face the back seat and yell at your children while driving a vehicle.
3. No longer is it legal to shave while driving a vehicle.
4. No longer is it legal to read the morning paper while driving a vehicle.
5. No longer is it legal to google directions on your laptop while driving a vehicle.
Those proposed laws would be pretty funny if I hadn't seen all of these activities and more during my daily commutes.
Legislating and enforcing common sense is an expensive way to bring us to our senses.
On the other hand, something happens to our brains when we get behind the wheel of a car. Only there can we return to adolescence -- at least until we run out of gas.


Anonymous said...

God must hate common sense because he made so little of it

Leslie said...

Drat, when am I supposed to do my nails now?

Anonymous said...

I am an ex-commuter and let me tell you, you get bored with the road you travel day after day - you gotta think of something to do - but, yes it's common sense not to do something that will obstruct your driving.