Thursday, November 10, 2011

Basset Blues

After about a million dollars worth of medications and testings, we now know that our Basset Hound is allergic to dust mites.  What, you say?  Yeah, dust mites.  Apparently he is not alone in his allergy.  Dust mites, it seems, are the most common type of allergy and, in fact, about 70% of all allergies are caused by dust mites.  I'm not sure if that percentage includes Basset Hounds but I do get the picture that dust mites account for a lot of scratching and sneezing.
Dust mites are microscipic, eight-legged, wingless bugs.  They are related to spiders and scorpions.  I'm hoping that the relationship to scorpions is just by marriage and that the marriage ended in divorce eons ago.
At any rate, Bradford is allergic to these creatures.
Apparently dust mites are all over the place.  However, their very favorite places to hang out are wherever humans hang out.  They like our homes and especially they like our furniture, our carpeting, our beds (dog beds included), and even our flaky, dead skin that we shed by the ton as we walk blissfully through our homes.
Possible solutions to the dust mite allergy?
Well, Bradford will be getting injections to help him battle his own dust mite demons.  We will be buying a Dyson vacuum cleaner.  What better reason than an allergic Basset Hound?  We will also be hiring some service to clean our heating/air conditioning ducts.  And if all of that fails we will be moving to an igloo in Alaska just across the street from the Palin mansion.  Then we will really have vermin to talk about.
Details later.

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