Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Trucks Are Back

I've been noticing a lot more trucks on the freeway both going to work and coming home from work.  At first I was irritated.  There is nothing fun about feeling stuck between two eighteen wheelers -- one on my right and one on my left.  It's hard to get around these trucks and often they can't keep up with the pace of traffic.
Today, though, I think I got it.
There are more trucks on the freeway because the country is coming back to life.  People are being paid to drive those trucks and the trucks are hauling stuff to grocery or furniture or clothing stores.  Or they are moving people from one place to another and if a person or family can afford a moving van then they are probably moving because of work.
I still don't like feeling stuck between big trucks but I've changed the way I'm thinking about the whole thing and I've decided that this is wonderful.
See, it's all in our heads to begin with so we may as well make it wonderful.

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