Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"lets do this"

My 13 year old who suffers from Alopecia went in for another round of Kenalog injections to his head (47 of them, yes, forty seven) earlier this evening. He was composed and said to the doctor prior to the treatment "let's do it." This is not his first round of injections, however as Robert explained to me, "it's never fun dad." As the injections started he squeezed my hands tightly but never did he ask any quarter from the clinician rendering the injections. My eyes welled up with tears several times during the process as he squeezed my hands, I kept it together...barely. After the process was completed and the clinician left the room, Robert asked me if I was 'ok'...Am I ok?...I explained to him that had he not been there holding my hand, I would not have been, "dad I'm the one who got the shots." I'm not entirely sure if he understands or can grasp how much he inspires me.

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