Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Taking Time In The Rain To Say Thanks

There we were in the parking lot of the Whole Foods store. It was dark. It was raining, which is in itself an unusual Southern California event. The events that followed were even more unusual than a rainy evening.

I was transferring groceries from cart to car. They were laughing and walking across the parking lot -- teenagers all. Just then a firetruck pulled up and the fire fighters started getting out of the truck presumably to do some grocery shopping since there didn't appear to be a fire or any other emergency nearby.

Here's what I overheard in the parking lot in the dark in the rain.

Teenager: Hi, firefighters.
Firefighter: Hello.
Teenager: How was your day?
Firefighter. Just about perfect.
Teenager: We want to thank you.
Firefighter: Pardon me?
Teenager: We want to thank you for everything you do.
Firefighter: My goodness. I appreciate that.
Teenager: Yeah. So do we. Thank you for saving lives and for putting out burning buildings.
Silence from the firefighter then: Wow! You really made my day. Our day.
Teenager: You're welcome.

In the rain. In the dark parking lot.

There is hope for the human race.

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