Sunday, February 26, 2012

Yet Another Shopping Adventure

Today I was in a Whole Foods store.  The store was pretty crowded as is generally the case in any Whole Foods grocery store.  It's pretty easy to become mesmerized by the astonishing array of produce in one of those stores and that's the way it was for me this morning.  I hadn't selected anything.  I had no produce receptacle in hand (no plastic, hemp, canvas, or paper bag).  I noticed a woman walking quickly and deliberately to me.  When she got a few feet away from me she held her hand out to me.  It contained  six or seven twist ties.
"These are the only ones left in the store," she said to me in a tone conveying urgent determination.
I stared at her unable to make a quick switch from produce to person.
"I want you to have them," she continued even more earnest and urgent than before.
She held the twist ties closer to me.
"Excuse me?" was all I could manage.
"I want you to have these.  You seem like the most deserving person here."
I should probably add right here that such experiences are not foreign to me so please don't think I was frightened or even confused or alarmed.  Those moments were more like an of course kind of thing, just so you know.
"Oh," I eventually replied.  "Tell you what.  I'll take one.  You save the rest for yourself and others who might need them."
She gave me one twist tie saying, "I knew I could count on you."
She then walked out of the store with the remaining twist ties in her hand.
I continued my shopping.
I got everything on my list except Ezekiel bread.  The store was out of that.  Oh, yeah, and I got a twist tie.
Life is full of unexpected gifts.

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