Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dreams Do Come True

Her name is Susan Boyle. She's forty-seven years old, has never married, and lives with her pet cat in a small, impoverished village in Scotland. Over the weekend she appeared on the English television program 'Britain's Got Talent'. Before she sang her first note, people were laughing at her. By the time she sang her second note, people were gasping in wonder.
Not even a week has gone by since she realized her life long dream of 'singing in front of a lot of people'.
She's all over YouTube now. Within minutes of her performance someone had set up a website in her name which immediately got thousands of hits. Oprah wants her on her show. She has captivated a world so in need of hope. Who knows if this simple, unsophisticated woman will endure such drastic life changes.
What she has done, however, is show us all that dreams are worth taking risks and worth even being treated badly.
Long live the dream.

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Marnie said...

What a great talent. She will be well known soon if not already.