Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm Just Sayin'

A Catholic school in Claremont, California, closed its doors today so the classrooms could be 'wiped down' -- cleansed in other words. A first grader exhibiting flu like symptoms arrived for class yesterday. Seems the first grader and her mother had recently visited Mexico. The kid's symptoms screamed Possible Swine Flu. Of course, everything right now screams Possible Swine Flu. The mother, as it works out, also exhibited flu like symptoms. The media jumped all over this, announcing that Claremont could be the first Los Angeles County city to report the first Swine Flu outbreak. The race, apparently, is on. Today we know that neither mother nor daughter suffers from Swine Flu which leaves poor little Claremont out of the running -- at the moment. There's always hope of course.
Here's what bothers me about this story.
The Catholic school immediately sent its students home, closed its doors and started cleaning things up just in case exposure had occurred.
Why didn't the Catholic church, several years ago, send its masses (of people) home, close its doors and immediately start cleaning things up when the first little boy showed up with signs of abuse?
Rhetorical questions, of course, require no answer -- just pensive shakings of heads.


Anonymous said...

It's called "denial" and "cover-up" much like what's being discovered in society today - you know - overspending by governmental officials, bank officials, Wall Street, etc. It's really a shame and a sham.

Anonymous said...

lets leave the banks out of this. Pay your credit card before you blame wall street.