Monday, April 27, 2009

Joining the conversation

Hello! I'm entering the 21st century now.

So I'm at this bar in Los Angeles last night, which is not the sort of thing I usually do, and it it the sort of place no doubt Tom Waites hung out in 30-40 years ago, writing lyrics on the cocktail napkins as Ricki Lee Jones dozed against his shoulder coming up with her own lyrics, and my beloved and I are watching a magic show.

Not only magic, but the North American Champion Yo-yoist, and tumblers/jugglelers are all performing in this vintage space under the slow small disco ball and dim lights. Now this was not the too-hip-to-be-hip-vaudeville-revival stuff, this was kids just old enough to get into bars doing the wonderful strange things that they can do and we got to watch and applaud, and experience that plenty of hope is in the world, because this crazy stuff is going on.

So I commend going to a live performance of ANYTHING, as long as the people doing it love it. The world is a very big place full of just wonderful stuff and we are far too likely to mistake our little corner of it for the whole thing. So wander around a bit. Invitations to play are everywhere.


Anonymous said...

Wow! So my little corner isn't the entire universe after all?
Thanks for reminding me. Great post.

Anonymous said...

Great perspective.