Monday, April 6, 2009

Family Dog Meets Space Alien

It's a rainy, blustery, thunder and lightning day here in Central New Jersey. In between down pours, the Family Dog and I took walks from which we often returned soaked.
Seasons, when they exist, can be capricious things. Today proves the point.
Over the weekend a Family Human rejoiced that Spring had arrived. It was in the air, she proclaimed and pointed out incipient and actual buds.
Yesterday sweaters and jackets got stowed. Even long sleeved shirts, here in Central New Jersey, seemed just a tad bit too warm.
Today tells a different story.
During one of our hurry before we get soaked walks, the Family Dog and I couldn't help but notice the creature approach us. Ear flaps flew around the face and threatened to become wings for the cap to which they somehow remained secured. The creature's coat was so bulky he could barely move so instead lumbered from side to side while somehow maintaining forward motion. The boots seemed so heavy and huge it was hard to believe they held only one pair of feet. Surely a yard or two had also sneaked into them.
I solved the riddle only seconds before the Family Dog figured it out.
This was no creature from outer space but instead was a man soaked to the skin dressed for the recently declared departed winter.
Also soaked to the skin, Family Dog and I clearly were dressed seasonally appropriately. Shirt sleeves and fur.
Fashion trumps comfort.

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