Monday, April 27, 2009

A Squirrely Story

Every summer afternoon I would take my lunch break at a close-by park. I'd spread out a blanket, take out my lunch and eat it. After several of these type lunches, I noticed a colony of squirrels. I began studying them while they were studying me. Soon enough they dared to come closer and closer to see if I posed a threat. I offered a french fry which I held between my fingers and sat motionless while softly coaxing the squirrels to grab the fry.
After a month or so of this type activity, a squirrel ran out and grabbed the fry. Others followed soon.
Squirrels defiinitely have various roles they play in their colony as do humans. Some were hunters while others would let out a noise much like a bird to warn of danger. Some were the house cleaners (keeping their holes in the ground clean from debris, etc.) and some were moms tending to their babies. What a sight.
One day as I was studying the squirrels, a woman dressed in army garb, driving an army jeep, approached the squirrel colony, sat under one of the colony's trees with a big bag of pnuts. Soon the squirrels were on her lap eating the nuts. I began talking with her and she showed me two squirrels in cages she brought back to health and was about to release them into their own territory.
This experience gave ma a whole new outlook and appreciation of Mother Nature and her squirrels.

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