Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Go Lakers

This is basketball play-off season and I'm a Laker fan. I became a fan quite accidentally. A friend invited me to a game. I accepted the invitation and was amazed at the great seats we had at Staples Center in Los Angeles. Staples Center, itself, is breathtaking - tiers and tiers of seating. I was somewhat overwhelmed at its size. Our seats were only 10-15 rows from the first row on the floor in front of the basketball baskets - not too far from where Jack Nicholson sits. As you know, he is quite a fan and practically never misses a game.

The game started. There was a lot of whooping, whistling, hollering and yelling. Fans had bat-like toys that, when slapped together, made a unique loud noise. Every basket elicited crowd uproar. I was so caught up in the excitement that I was disappointed when the game was over. The Lakers won something like 115 to 109. The very excitement of being caught up into joining the noisy crowd and hollering for the Lakers to win, has left me an advid fan.

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