Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Adventures of a Lizard Hunter

The Family Dog is fortunate that we adopted him almost nine years ago. For a street dog, he didn't have a lot of street smarts. Now that we are living in a less urban area, I hoped his hunting skills would improve. Sadly, they have not.

Yesterday we were taking our walk when a bigger-than-usual lizard darted in front of us. Seeing The Family Dog, or at least sensing a large predator nearby, the lizard ran towards a bush. The Family Dog followed. He sniffed intently at the bush for a good thirty seconds, during which time the lizard had ample opportunity to get through the bush and around behind the dog. I had to stand there and watch my lizard hunter sniffing the place where his prey had been and gone, and see the lizard standing behind him. I swear I could see his little reptilian sides shaking with laughter. I took The Family Dog home and gave him a biscuit. What would I do with a dead lizard, anyway?

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