Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Margaret Cho on the Oil Spill Disaster

Most mornings while driving to work I listen to the Stephanie Miller Radio show on AM 1150 (here in LaLaLand, that is).  Sometimes I laugh out loud because the show is so raucously funny and sometimes I cringe because the show addresses such painful and crucial topics.  Sprinkled throughout the three hour air time is a variety of guests talking about all sorts of topics pertinent or not.
This morning's guest was Margaret Cho, the outrageously often inappropriate always on the edge Korean American comedian, fashion designer, actress, author, and recording artist best known for her stand-up routines in which she critiques social and political problems.
This morning's discussion focused briefly on the Gulf oil spill disaster.
Cho voiced her own brand of outrage that people were not more furious about what's happening (or not happening) with the clean up, with stopping the lead, with addressing the whole topic of deep oil wells, and what can and should be done about BP and its affiliates.
Here's what Cho had to say -- not her exact words but close enough:
If we want people to become appropriately furious about what's happening in the Gulf, we should somehow slip into the narrative same sex marriage.  Forget that same sex marriage has nothing to do with the oil spill disaster, people would become so outraged over the mere mention of it that they would, by association, become furious over the oil spill.  Just think how angry people would be if one ocean wanted to marry another ocean.
Sometimes I wish my drive to work was a little longer.

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A piece of perfect, this!