Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fur Sure

This is the time of year when dogs shed their coats. I know that because my home is covered in fur.

The Family Dog has a lot of surface area. He is no small pooch. He looks deceivingly short-haired, but his Labrador Retriever forebears are famous for a considerable undercoat. The Family Dog has an undercoat that seems to go right down to his internal organs.

I bought a thing called a Furminator. You are supposed to be able to brush the dog once a week and it will remove all the loose hair from the undercoat. Let me tell you how that works in reality. I brush The Family Dog in the garage. I remove enough loose hair from him to stuff a mattress. By the time he comes into the house, he is already sprouting new tufts again. I am afraid that if I do it more often, I will make him bald. Also, it's time to go to work. So off I go, with a generous sprinkling of dog hair on my clothes. I call it my overcoat.

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