Friday, July 9, 2010

The Culprits

Last summer, I wrote about the tragic end of the hoped-for eggplants growing on our balcony. They had achieved a two or three inch length and I was planning an elaborate dinner. Then, some rodent came and gnawed them to the nub.

A few days ago, the Other Family Human and I were sitting on that same balcony drinking coffee and watching the squirrels in the trees on the hillside. The OFH looked to the backyard next door. "It wasn't rats", she said. "Look at the way the branches hang over into the neighbor's yard. A squirrel could get onto our balcony without even having to jump."

This year, we have planted tomatoes, honeydew melon, peppers and squash on the balcony. I am writing this in case the squirrels have internet; I'd like them to be able to plan their menu.

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