Monday, January 10, 2011

Arizona Weeps

And we weep with her.  Saturday morning lives were lost and lives were forever changed as bullets filled with hate and discharged with the power of venom spewing radio and television liars who have for the past two years dedicated themselves to bringing down a President.  The courageous Arizona Sheriff Saturday afternoon looked into the cameras and laid the blame for the Tucson shooting directly where it needs to lay.  And today Sarah Palin had the gall to say that those little icons on her maps on
congressional districts weren't gun sights but surveyors' marks.  Sarah, you can't tell people to go shoot Democratic leaders and then act surprised and shocked when the shooting really happens.  This isn't a game, sweetie.  It's life and lives ended.  Hopefully out of Tucson's blood bath people will start looking at the heroes and the spokes people of the Republican party and realize that they have gone too far.  Hopefully.
In the meantime, I weep for the state in which I was born and raised.

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