Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Vacations And New Year's Resolutions

They're a lot alike, you know?  On New Year's Eve we make all sorts of resolutions.  I'll change this and do that and accomplish this.  Generally by the end of the Rose Parade we've either forgotten our good intentions or already declared them impossible.  Vacations wind up generally with the same result.  We remind ourselves of the need to relax, to spend quiet time, to sit in a sports bar watching half a dozen different events none of which we care about but seem to dull us into relaxation, determine to read more and think less and then the vacation ends and we go back to work.  Before we get off the freeway on our first day back we've gotten all tensed up again and declared not enough hours in the day to do much of anything except work and feel the weight of wasted years.
Got any suggestions?

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