Sunday, April 3, 2011

It Just Never Hurts To Ask

We left the hotel before breakfast and got off the I-5 in San Clemente.  "We'll just fine some sort of chain thing and get some eggs," we assured each other.  No problem.  The 5 is dotted with them.  Not eggs but chain things although sometimes it has been dotted with eggs.  But I wander from the topic. Also, we thought but only later dared to say out loud, that maybe we'll eat someplace that Richard Nixon used to eat at and that wouldn't be so bad because looking back at the Bush Eight Years Nixon is beginning to seem at least not so bad.
But I stray from the point yet again.  We needed two things.  A place to eat and a Bank of America so we could get some money to buy breakfast.  We saw a place called Pat's or Mike's or Leo's Lunch Stop or something along those not too terribly inviting lines.  There was street parking so we parked.  The fact that the Lunch Stop something or other advertised a drive through window didn't exactly assure us we would have a good breakfast but what, we wondered, can really go wrong with eggs.
First to the Bank of America where one of us not me had the courage and the insight to ask a person in the line to recommend a place for breakfast.  The recommendation was not Lunch Stop something or other but was, instead, Antoine's Cafe which was just across the street.  Off we went without even looking back at the Lunch Stop something or other.
Later we could only declare that we would have driven to San Clemente from Los Angeles for no other reason that to eat breakfast at Antoine's Cafe.
The lesson learned besides eat at Antoine's Cafe?  Sometimes the person in line in front of you knows a thing or two about local stuff.  Especially if his name is Antoine.

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