Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rock Vision

When we decided to take a hike it was primarily to stretch legs and move about after two days sitting in conference rooms at tables on straight back chairs.  Off we went on a paved path with no idea or concern about where the path led.  It led to a putting green.  End of that walk.  Off we went on the next walk headed north on yet another seeming sidewalk past a golf course.  That sidewalk also stopped.  Of course, they generally do stop eventually.  Where that sidewalk stopped, though, was an old highway which then turned into a nature reserve with hiking paths all of which looked more difficult than we could manage.  Here's the thing.  We never know what we can manage until we give it a try. 
We managed quite well, thank you.  And what we saw were amazing bluffs and rock formations.  While stopping for the view, I met a huge rock with what appeared to be an eye.  I'm thinking not an all seeing eye because the rock (or boulder) had little mobility.  Nevertheless, in my story I met a rock with if not an all seeing eye at least an eye that took in quite a bit.  And the rock was looking right at me.  And I was looking right back at it.  We had a nice visit, the rock and I and I took its picture without saying smile or say cheese.  However, some other hikers asked me to take their picture.  They smiled.  That's why we don't confuse people with large boulders.
The cliffs above La Jolla.  That's where the rock lives.

Now, just so you know.  The picture above and to the left of this sentence is a view from the trail.  The picture to the right of these words is the rock with the not quite all seeing eye.  Look just below the green hair do and you can see what looks in the photograph like a dark spot.  Trust me.  It's the eye of the rock.  Perhaps the rock blinked just when the picture was taken.  That happens sometimes.
Now, I'm pretty sure the rock has a right eye but, of course, it couldn't be seen.
So here's what we learned from this hike.
We are tougher and in better shape than we thought.  That's the first thing.  If you hesitating on doing something, stop hesitating and just do it.
The second thing we learned is that storms aren't the only natural occurrences with an eye or two.

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