Monday, June 4, 2012

Amelia Is In Brazil


June 4, 1937
Paramaribo, Dutch Guinea, June 4 -- Amelia Earhart took off from here at 5:10 a.m., Eastern Standard Time, today on the fourth leg of her round-the-world flight.
Pan American airways, over whose route she has been flying since leaving Miami, Fla., reported that Miss Earhart was headed for Belem, in Brazil at the mouth of the Amazon river, a distance of about 820 miles from here.
The airways report added that she might try to reach Fortaleza, Brazil today for a hop of 1,628 miles. She will fly more than 900 miles over water crossing the mouth of the Amazon. -- from the Atchison Daily Globe.
And in her own words:  " ... we left too early to receive weather reports so what lay in store for us was largely a matter of conjecture.  Under such conditions in a strange country one must be prepared to turn back if and when it looks like bad visibility at the destination -- assuming the way back can be found and a landing made wherever 'back' may be. (And) today I crossed the equator for the first time."
In But This Is Different ( we come to understand that turning back is one thing Amelia and the woman the call Pilapan can never do.

The first photograph was taken of Amelia in Fortaleza, Brazil.  The second photograph was taken by Amelia as she flew into Fortaleza, Brazil.


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