Monday, June 25, 2012

Eight Days Left and She Does The Most Difficult Thing Imaginable

With only eight days to go the last thing Amelia wants to do is turn back but that is exactly what she has to do.  On yesterday's date seventy-five years ago she tried to leave Bandoeng.  She tells the story in her own words: 

“In the air, and afterward, we found that our mechanical troubles had not been cured. Certain further adjustments of faulty long-distance flying instruments were necessary, and so I had to do one of the most difficult things I had ever done in aviation. Instead of keeping on I turned back the next day to Bandoeng. With good weather ahead, the Electra herself working perfectly, the pilot and navigator eager to go, it was especially hard to have to be “sensible.” However, lack of essential instruments in working order would increase unduly the hazards ahead. — Amelia Earhart
With the world watching her every move, Amelia could easily contact anyone to alert them of this delay except for the one person who mattered most waiting on the almost invisible island called Nani in But This Is Different
In her own hand writing (seen below) Amelia acknowledges the risks involved in what she may later remember as 'a completely mad cap adventure'.

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