Thursday, June 28, 2012

With Five Days To Go She Has No Parachute

In her own words Amelia describes their stay in Darwin, Australia: “The airport is good and very easy to find. We were pounced upon by a doctor as we rolled to a stop, and thereupon were examined thoroughly for tropical diseases. No one could approach us or the airplane until we had passed muster. If this work is done at all it should be thorough, and I approved the methods, although the formalities delayed refueling operations. The customs officials had to clear the Electra as if she wee an ocean-going vessel, but that was done with much dispatch. Inasmuch as we had little in the plane but spare parts, fuel and oil, the process was simplified. At Darwin, by the way, we left the parachutes we had carried that far, to be shipped home. A parachute would not help over the Pacific.” —Amelia Earhart
In But This Is Different Amelia will put the plane's spare parts t good use on the island of Nani.
The photograph shows the Electra at Darwin, Australia on June 28, 1937.

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