Monday, June 11, 2012

Today She's Further Into Africa

On this date seventy-five years ago Amelia flew the Lockheed Electra from Gao to Fort Lamy in French Equatorial Africa.  In her own words:  "
“As usual, our arising at Gao was before dawn, a start made notable by a marvelous breakfast, whose chief d’oeuvre was a mushroom omelet supplemented with cups of fine French chocolate. Thence our revised route took us to Fort Lamy about a thousand miles away. On this day’s flying to Lamy and the next, we crossed stretches of country barren beyond words, a no-man’s land of eternal want, where the natives cling tenaciously to an existence almost incomprehensible to westerners….”  —Amelia Earhart
With every leg of her trip she gets closer to Nani and the woman who waits in But This Is Different
And in the photograph we see the Electra in Africa possibly in Fort Lamy.

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