Friday, June 29, 2012

One More Take Off To Go

On this date seventy-five years ago Amelia Earhart flew from Darwin, Australia, to Lae, New Guinea.  She has traveled twenty-two thousand miles since leaving Oakland headed east. In her public life she will one final time pull the Lockheed Electra off the ground and into the air.  In But This Is Different we know she has one spectacular landing as pilot in command of the aircraft and many more adventures left to go.  However, never again will crowds such as those in the photograph gather around the most famous woman in that world and her most famous airplane.
In her own words written from Lae, New Guinea:  My Electra now rests on the shores of the Pacific. ... Not much more than a month ago I was on the other shore of the Pacific, looking westward. This evening, I looked eastward over the Pacific. In those fast-moving days which have intervened, the whole width of the would has passed behind us - except this broad ocean. I shall be glad when we have the hazards of its navigation behind us. - Amelia Earhart
And soon, of course, she will indeed leave those hazards behind her.

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