Friday, September 12, 2008

Beauty Takes All

or does it?

Good looks can get you everywhere. When you are beautiful, you are considered sexy, smart and personable. If you are a celebrity, you get celebrity privileges and are referred to as an "A lister" obtaining first class, first rate treatment wherever you go seemingly carrying a "halo effect". Beauties are overwhelmed with freebys. The prettier a person is, the more privileges that person gets. Beauty affects whether a person gets a job. Hollywood "A listers" are loaned million dollar jewelry to wear to hollywood extravaganzas without a moment's hesitation. It's unfair, but beauty seems to get it!

However, beauties should be warned, beauty can be taken in a flash - so - if you're an "A lister", live it up while you have the chance because life of privileges does come with an expiration date.

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