Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How Much of Nothing Matters, Anyway?

I was thirsty. I admit it. The desire for instant gratification out weighed my nutritional and dietary common sense. I bought a Diet Snapple Iced Tea. It was a big bottle. I drank some and then I filled the bottle back up with water. And so it went throughout the day. Whenever the contents of the bottle dropped below, I don't know, say a 'p' in Snapple I'd refill it from the filtered, reverse osmosis water thing where I work. The Diet Snapple Iced Tea eventually became the Diet Snapple Water. It was about at that point that I read the label. Even at the beginning when the bottle actually contained something bottled if not manufactured by Snapple, there were no calories and no protein and not much of anything else inside the it. However, the bottle contained only four servings. I'd gotten at least a dozen servings out of the thing.
So here's my question.
If something has nothing in it, what difference does it make how much of nothing one consumes?
The question may or may not be rhetorical.
Just something that, in spite of the spins and chatters slamming into my head, my mind has wrapped itself around.

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