Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Call Me Stupid But...

So this Republican VP almost candidate opposes sex education and favors abstinence education. Seems to me that people should know from what they are abstaining before they can say 'no'. And sex education in adolescence does not mean kids are necessarily going to 'go at it'. And if or when they do 'go at it' perhaps they will have learned, oh for example, safe sex and perhaps dare I say birth control.
But no, our Annie Oakley does not believe in educating teenagers about their own bodies. Better to people the world with unexpected 'little blessings' because, of course, Annie could not even consider abortion as one way to allow pregnant teenagers to have their childhoods and, possibly, their dreams.
You go, girl.


Anonymous said...

When will reality set in? Abstence in teen years? Not hardly - that's when the hormones set in. It's better to have teens educated on birth control and safety than to abandon sex altogether.

Mary said...

Maybe...JUST maybe if Governor Palin's daughter had been properly educated about sex,it's blessings, responsibilities,etc., she wouldn't be in the situation she is in. I'll bet if Palin wasn't in the public eye, the whole situation would be looked upon differently. Palin seems a little dead in the head to me...sex education starts and continues with ongoing opportunities and dialogue. I never had just one talk with my kids or those I mentored. This reminds me of how political strategists see to it that when a public figure "offends"
those germain to the situation stick around until the situation is resolved, i.e., Christina Ferrari, certain Evangelicals, Kennedys, English Royalty, and many more that are simply too numerous to mention...{:>)