Tuesday, September 9, 2008


The choice is a clear one....

Well, for me at least. I don't expect unflagging agreement on this but I will tell you why I favor the ticket of Senators Obama and Biden.

But first, a bit about who Prodigal is. I am white, Jewish, a senior to some. My views are not as far to the left as once they were. I have been called a person of faith and I would not argue against that view. I am a writer and a teacher, among other things.

I am also a member of the NRA and I certified rifle shooting instructor. I teach Boy Scouts to shoot. I am for gun control, especially hand guns and I do not hunt, although I have-usually with a bow and for something that I intended to eat.

I consider myself a smart guy. Most of those I know consider me either a wiseguy or a smartass. You are free to choose either of those or any other description from the lengthy list of names I have been called over the years (pinhead comes to mind).

I campaigned for Adlai Stevenson as a very young boy. I campaigned for Jack Kennedy in high school and for Bobby in college. I marched with Dr. King and campaigned for Dick Gregory when he ran for Mayor of Chicago. I had an uncle who was blacklisted and my mother used to say, as I walked out of our house north of Chicago "Don't sign anything." I was a hippie (and still am, I like to think). I opposed the war in Vietnam and the one in Iraq. I would gladly have enlisted to fight in WWII.

All of those days are long past. I have voted for a bunch of Democrats in the span from then to now. I have not campaigned for any of them. I couldn't get all that excited. Things are different this time. Why?

Well, to put it simply, Sen. Obama is the brightest Democrat I have seen in years. Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar and that is impressive, but I would put Barack in the same class with the brothers Kennedy. I would not and could not say that about Bill Clinton. Regardless of his level of "experience", Barack will attract a great team. Senator Biden was the first. There will be, I am sure, others. It is precisely because of that ability, that charisma, if you will, that I think he will be able to do great things for this country. Things that have been on back burners or off the stove for far too long.

For the record, I consider myself a patriot and because of that, I would not and could never say "My country, right or wrong." That is not what the Founding Fathers were about. That is not what this country is about. This country is about doing what is right and what is righteous. We are arguably the most powerful nation on Earth. That power is meaningless if it is not used to promote peace, understanding, freedom and tolerance universally. We should lead by example not by force.

I am not one tell others how to think, dress, eat or vote. If you like the way things are going, knock yourself out.

If you don't, then you know what to do. Get out and make it happen.

See you in the streets.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Prodigal. Good to have your voice with witsend again. And thanks for articulating why we need to campaign and vote for Obama.

Anonymous said...

Nearing the election, I still don't know who is the lesser of the evils. Who is speaking out of both sides of their mouth? Not that any of them do that - no. What are we to believe? In all past elections, what was spewed out by the candidates, didn't in reality come to pass. So why is this election any different?

P.S.: I enjoyed reading your article.

Prodigal said...

It is only different if we make it different. Who do they speak for? If it is just more of the rich for the rich than why bother. If there is hope to be had for justice and, more importantly, compassion then listen to each. Seek the smartest, not the empty pretty face.

Prodigal said...

By the way, I have been silent too long. That is something i shall rectify.