Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Fine Mess

Well, this is a fine mess.

The powers that be would have us think that the folks on Wall Street deserve our help for the sake of the folks on Main Street. I wonder about that. I wonder whether the folks on Wall Street would give a rat's rectum if the tables were turned? I doubt it.

Now, mind you, I don't want to see anyone's retirement account tank. But I do not now, nor will I ever, have the least bit of sympathy for the brokers, the investment bankers and hedge fund folks who have blithely raked in their very lucrative compensation without caring one whit about the folks in the rest of our great land. Where in this bailout proposal is the relief for the beleaguered homeowners who are going down in flames? Without keeping them in their homes, I say screw 'em. Use that 700 billion to pay up every delinquent loan in the country, It is the taxpayers' money, the money that millions of homeowners pay the government. It is not their money. It is ours. It is not Congress's money. It is ours.

Some years ago, the comedian Jackie Mason suggested that the government be put on commission. I think if he were to revisit the issue, he would still say the same. For their incompetence they all should be fired. A rather large proportion belong in jail.

If this is what America has come to, then we are a stone's throw from anarchy. Competent, caring government is what we need. Make sure every family stays in their home. Period. That is the key here. Let the rich absorb the loss. It is, by and large, their fault we are in this mess. Company failing? Give it to the employees. Let them choose how to run it. It has worked for airlines, why not auto manufacturers? Why not banks? You want to restore trust in the system? Take the system out of the hands of the rich. Simplify. Give the power, as they used to say, to the People. I would trust my neighbor before I would trust some smart guy who only cares about the bottom line.

And, for the record, the bottom line belongs to the People. Give it back or it is likely that they will take it back myself. Think like Thomas Jefferson, but for God's sake, think.



Anonymous said...

Well said, Prodigal.

Anonymous said...

My exact thoughts - but you said it a whole lot better.