Sunday, May 23, 2010

Amazing Can Happen Anywhere

The plan was to return one book and renew another.  A quick trip into the library and then on our way to all of the other pressing Saturday afternoon errands.  Two steps into the library foyer changed our plans completely.  We heard the sounds of musicians tuning their instruments and like ants to sugar were drawn into the little just outside the main library meeting room where the clarinet choir from Caltech prepared for a free Saturday afternoon concert.  Eleven musicians played clarinets of all types ranging from an E flat contra alto to the larger than life B flat contra bass.  Their selections ran the gamut from the Overture to the Marriage of Figaro to an arrangement of the folk melody Shenandoah.  Their cheeks puffed and sometimes their instruments squeaked.  From our second row seats in a room with not very many rows, we witnessed the intensity and devotion and effort the members of the Clarinet Choir had for their art and for this performance. 
Their performance ended and after an intermission of no more than a minute or two the CalTech Slide Rule Trombone  Choir took the stage.  Jeremy Yager played in both choirs.  I don't know Jeremy Yager but I will remember him for a long time.  He was the B flat contra bass guy and then he picked up a trombone and added the low notes to those pieces, too.  He's a pretty amazing musician.
None of our other errands got tended to yesterday afternoon.  They'll wait.  They probably weren't that important anyway.  What was important was the fact that we tossed the to do list and for an hour enjoyed music performed with passion.  Here's to public libraries and amazement.

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