Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Funnel Will Fix It All Right

For its next idea British Petroleum (BP) is going to stop the Gulf oil catastrophe with a funnel.  Really.  As we speak or read, rather, steel workers are building a 98 ton, dome-topped funnel.  They'll tow it out to sea and then lower it onto the ocean floor.  As an aside, BP confesses that it's never lowered such a device to 5,000 feet and admit that 'difficulties may occur'.  "There's no guarantees," Tony Hayward of BP told the Associated Press.  "We'll undoubtedly encounter some issues as we go through that process."  He's probably referring to issues greater than his bad grammar.  I'm just thinking.
A funnel.
Wait a second.  I think I saw that movie.  It wasn't very good.

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