Saturday, May 1, 2010

Up The Creek And The Bag's Too Small

And in that case what you've got is a 'blivit' if, of course, you use the word 'blivit' in its purest sense in which case what you've got is ten pounds of trouble and only a five pound bag to put it in.
Scraps the Cat remains redioactive for one more day.  As of Monday she will no longer glow in the dark nor will we require protective clothing when we pet her.
Of course, you do understand that Scraps does not actually glow in the dark nor do we suit up when we get near her.  I speak metaphorically if you get my drift.  Along those same metaphorical lines is my use of the phrase 'ten pounds of trouble'.  You see, Scraps, like all other living creatures, digests that which she eats and neatly deposits that for which her body no longer has use in the litter box she shares with Rudy.  Since Scraps has been radioactive that which comes out of her - to put it bluntly - is also radioactive.  Come Monday morning Scraps will be fine.  Come Monday morning we will still have at least ten pounds of neatly deposited into the litter box radioactive crap currently contained in a five pound container.
How to get rid of radioactive cat crap will doubtless be the focus of upcoming posts.  In the meantime, what we've got in our garage is a 'blivit' and not a metaphor.
We'll keep you posted.

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