Sunday, May 2, 2010

Helen Philpot Is Back

Helen and Margaret have been friends for over sixty years.  When she was eighty-two, Helen started writing a blog to help her stay in touch with Margaret.  Lately Helen hasn't been writing very often and I worry when too much time passes between her posts.  When she does post several hundred people read what she has to say. She's liberal, pro choice, pro health care reform and thinks the presidency of George Bush was one of the great disasters to ever befall this country.  Her language is colorful and would probably embarrass most other women her age.  And every word she writes she writes to her friend Margaret.
Helen may have become a little slower since she started her blog but she still reminds us all that passion and wit and the determination to have your voice heard are not the sole realm of the young.
Helen reminds us that our job is to live until life ends.

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