Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Time to Plant Again

Here's the thing.  We don't need a south 40 to grow our own vegetables.  Any sunny spot will do whether its in the back yard, on the patio, on the balcony, or even inside in a room with lots of light.  Container gardening takes away the excuse.  And, come on.  It's hard to believe you don't have a container.  You can put potting soil in just about anything that will hold water -- a flower pot, a bucket, an old wash tub, a plastic watering can or even a plastic sand bucket.  What a great way to recycle old containers once intended for some other purpose. 
Just choose a container large enough for the plant you want to grow.  For example, a large tomato plant needs about 35 quarts of soil.  A pepper or eggplant needs about 20 quarts of soil.  Container plants require a watering balance -- not too much and not too little.  But here's the good news.  Nowadays you can buy self watering containers for your garden.  Take a look at to get an idea of a self watering container.  Give it a try.  The worst that can happen is that you have an adventure.


Susan F said...

You've got my attention!! The EarthBox, which I've just read about and will go see at my local nursery, just may solve my balcony/patio garden problems!! Thanks! This makes my day!!

MaryWalkerBaron said...

Happy to be of help. Let us know how the EarthBox works out.