Thursday, June 10, 2010

Faster Than A New York Minute

Lately I've been hearing that a lot of things happen 'faster than a New York minute'. I've been assuming that things in New York (and it must be the city and not, for example, the up state to which they refer)happen at a fast pace and so time seems to fly and thus everything seems shorter than out here in LaLaLand where we are too busy laughing at the new Republican candidate for Senator to notice time passing at any speed. I didn't think the expression really meant that time passes at a different pace in the Big Apple. Come to find out I was wrong.
According to - a self proclaimed statistical database which allows us to research and compare a multitude of different data on the United States as a whole and the individual states of same - a New York minute is a really short period of time, sometimes significantly shorter than sixty seconds and other times a form of hyperbole for 'perhaps faster than you would believe possible'. Apparently New Yorkers take this pretty seriously and define their minute as the amount fo time between the light in front of you turning green and the taxicab behind you honking. This amount of time is generally defined in negative numbers.
Having explained all of this, I now see that most witsendmagazine postings cannot be read in a New York minute.
Sorry gang.

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