Monday, June 21, 2010

Out of House and Home

The Family Dog had surgery. The Family Cats have prescriptions for everything from Pepcid for acid reflux to Glucosamine/Chondroitin for arthritis. The effect is that we're running out of food.

The Family Dog is a rather large fellow. His dose of antibiotics consists of three capsules twice a day. He'd never swallow them without something good, so the Other Family Human emptied the capsules into a dish of cottage cheese, which he loves. I went to have some the other day, and the big container we had bought was almost empty. When the cottage cheese ran out, he got his pills in peanut butter, and now he's getting them stuffed into those Laughing Cow soft cheese triangles. In the meantime, Scraps the Cat is getting her arthritis medication mixed with organic blueberry yogurt. There's nothing left to eat here. And once we pay the vet, I don't know what we'll have left over to buy more food.

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Anonymous said...

At least your animals know you love them or why would you give them such yucky stuff - they figure it's gotta be good for them and they love you for it. As for your food, oh well maybe plant a veggie garden = that's a good idea.