Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So Much For The Early Bird

Not only does it not catch the worm.  It doesn't get its final in a series Hepatitis vaccines nor does it get to pay the rent on its Post Office Box.
Oh, wait.  That was me.
I didn't notice whether the bird was early or not all I know is that I certainly was -- early.
I showed up bright and early this morning to receive my last in a series of three injections to keep me from getting Hepatitis A and B.  I work in public health care and so such injections are really important.  I was feeling pretty good that I'd made it on time for this injection only to discover that I was a month to the day early.  Sorry no shot.
Not to worry.  The day was still young.  I went to the Post Office to pay the year's rent on the box.  Sorry, said the clerk.  Your payment isn't due until July and it's still June.  Couldn't give my money away there.
So off I went to work and got there two hours earlier than I said I would on account of -- well -- being turned away at the other two places.
Funny thing about work.  No one said go home and come back in two hours because that's when you said you'd show up.  Nope.  Not a single person.
I just went to work like the early bird I was.  No worm though.  Just the regular stuff.
Some days are like that, I suppose.

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