Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Toss Your Trash on the 405

The San Diego Freeway, or the 405 as it's known here in LaLaLand, gets a lot of bad press under the best of days.  Lately, though, its become a magnet for odd marine debris which ties traffic up for hours if not days.
The other day a catamaran fell off the trailer and into pieces over all four north bound lanes.  No sailing that day.
The next day a truck transporting marine motors broke down and blocked traffic.  Today a truck transporting frozen fish lost its load and spilled the boxes all over the freeway.  They, of course, ripped open and frozen but quickly defrosting dead fish littered the lanes.
No one gets on the 405 unless they have to.  Or, lately, unless they just want to see weird stuff falling all over the place.
So, if you want a nautical experience but can't afford the cruise, get on the 405.  You never know what you'd run into.

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